Bus Services
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As Riverside County’s primary transportation agency, RCTC oversees public bus operators such as the Riverside Transit Agency in western Riverside County and SunLine Transit Agency in the Coachella Valley.

Riverside County also has a number of local transit providers including:

City of Banning
City of Beaumont
City of Corona
City of Riverside
Palo Verde Valley Transit Agency

RCTC has adopted a 10-Year Transit Vision Plan that spells out the agency’s transit goals and funding commitments.

RCTC maintains a listing of agency representatives concerned with the public transit needs and other needs of seniors, persons with disabilities, and persons of limited means. Transportation Network was formerly developed through the 2007 Riverside County Transit-Human Services Coordinated Transportation Plan. We plan to use this Transportation Network listing for various purposes. Tell us about your organization, including whether or not you provide transportation and your transportation interest areas by taking this survey.