Advertising at Metrolink Stations
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Advertising at Metrolink Stations

Individuals interested in conducting leafleting, solicitation, and/or political campaign activities at any of RCTC's commuter rail stations must complete and submit a “Leafleting, Solicitation and/or Political Campaign Activities Permit Application” to the Commission's Rail Department.  All procedures and policies regarding the application process and advertising activities are outlined in the Non-Commercial Advertising Policy document, click here to download

Permits shall be issued for two month periods as follows (except in the case of election months and the month immediately preceding election dates):

  1. January and February (Permit Period #1)
  2. March and April (Permit Period #2)
  3. May and June (Permit Period #3)
  4. July and August (Permit Period #4)
  5. September and Octrober (Permit Period #5)
  6. November and December (Permit Period #6)

Applications for a particular permit period shall be due by the 19th day of the calendar month immediately preceding the particular permit period. 

For questions, please contact RCTC’s Rail Department at (951) 787-7141.  When completed, the Leafleting, Solicitation and/or Political Campaign Activities Permit Application together with a copy of  the material to be distributed should be e-mailed to .