SR-79 Realignment Project
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Realign the SR-79 between the Domenigoni Parkway and Gilman Springs Road.
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The Project proposes to realign SR 79 between Domenigoni Parkway and Gilman Springs Road. Currently, the highway follows a circuitous north-south route through the downtown areas of Hemet and San Jacinto and needs improvements in efficiency, safety and capacity. The Project would realign the highway to provide a more direct route within the San Jacinto Valley. Regional motorists would be able to use a direct, north-south route while residents of Hemet and San Jacinto would enjoy better mobility on local streets.

The SR 79 Realignment Project is being developed to meet the following important mobility goals for the Hemet-San Jacinto area:

  • Create roadway capacity for the area’s population and business needs in 2030
  • Facilitate regional movement of people and goods
  • Provide a more effective connection between Domenigoni Parkway and Gilman Springs Road
  • Separate local and regional traffic by transforming SR 79 into an improved regional highway that takes heavy regional traffic off of local and residential roads
  • Resolve shared use of SR 74 and SR 79
  • Create a facility that is compatible with future transportation needs including a future public transit facility
  • Improve overall motorist safety

RCTC has completed environmental studies on a variety of alternatives for the Project. The Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) is in development and is to be circulated for public review.  It is anticipated that the environmental phase for this project will be completed in 2016.

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