71/91 Interchange Project
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Project Status
Longer Range
Construct a two lane direct flyover connector from the eastbound SR-91 to the northbound SR-71. Improve connection between eastbound Green River Road on ramp and 71/91 interchange. Construct an eastbound road south and parallel to SR-91 between Green River Road and the 71/91 Interchange.

This estimated $118 million project is a major element of RCTC’s 10-year Measure A delivery plan and a high priority within the region.

The 71/91 Interchange is a significant source of traffic congestion in the area, and this project is designed to reduce this congestion, enhance the safety of motorists, support the movement of goods, and improve mobility and connections between the two freeways and among the counties of Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino.

RCTC has begun the Project Report and Environmental Document process.

Work on the preliminary engineering and environmental document began in spring 2008. The Project Report and Environmental Document phase involves studying proposed improvements to the 71/91 interchange between the Green River Road interchange and the Serfas Club Drive/Auto Center Drive interchange in Corona.

The project would:

  • Replace the existing single-lane connection between eastbound SR-91 and northbound SR-71 with a new, two-lane, direct flyover ramp
  • Build a new, separate eastbound road just south of and parallel to SR-91 to provide improved access between the Green River Road interchange and the SR-91/SR-71 interchange.

71/91 Interchange – US Army Corps of Engineers Environmental Assessment for Geotechnical Borings

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