I-215 North Project
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Project Status
Longer Range
Construct one HOV lane in each direction from Nuevo Road to the 60/215 Interchange. This project is in the 2009 Measure A expenditure plan. This project will be built later in life of Measure A

Priority has been given to the southern and central projects along the I-215 corridor, because the freeway narrows to only two lanes in each direction in those areas. The North I-215 project proposes to add one carpool lane in each direction on I‑215 and a westbound auxiliary lane to improve traffic merging on State Route 60.

This project proposes to widen a 10.75-mile section of I-215 from 1.3 miles south of Nuevo Road in Perris to .2 miles south of the I-215/Box Springs Road interchange in Riverside, as well as from the I-215/SR-60 junction in Riverside to .09 miles east of the SR-60/Day Street interchange in Moreno Valley. One carpool lane is proposed to be added in each direction on I-215 and a westbound auxiliary lane to improve traffic merging onto SR-60.

The existing 46-foot freeway median can be used for some of this widening project, but some outside widening will be required to accommodate the carpool lanes. Using the median to the greatest extent possible will reduce the impacts to homes and businesses located adjacent to the freeway. In addition, the project proposes to add an auxiliary lane to westbound SR-60 between the I-215/SR-60 junction and the SR-60/Day Street interchange. This auxiliary lane will help with traffic merging along this heavily used section of freeway.

Improvements to a number of structures also are planned as part of this project, including:

  • Widening of the Box Springs Road Overcrossing
  • Widening and stabilization of the Nuevo Road Bridge
  • Stabilization of the Placentia Avenue Bridge
  • Stabilization of the Ramona Avenue Bridge
  • Replacement of the Oleander Avenue Bridge
  • Replacement of the Alessandro Avenue Bridge
  • Widening of the Day Street Undercrossing
  • Separation of the Southbound I-215/Southbound SR-60 Interchange

Noise studies will be performed to analyze the impacts of the project to area residents. Where appropriate, walls will be considered to mitigate noise resulting from the project improvements. If walls are proposed, property owners adjacent to the walls will be given an opportunity to vote on whether the walls are built.

The preliminary engineering and environmental document phase of this project will involve a series of studies and public meetings that will help determine how the project goals can be met while minimizing the impacts on the surrounding area. The goal is to obtain environmental approvals to allow this project to move forward to construction. This phase is expected to last about three years. Once approvals are received, final engineering design and right of way acquisition, where needed, can begin and will take about two and a half years to complete.

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