I-15 Express Lanes Project
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Project Status
Near Term
Construct one to two tolled express lanes in each direction between the I-15/Cajalco Road interchange and the I-15/State Route 60 interchange.
Project Website
Project Helpline
(844) I15-XPRS or (844) 415-9777
Construction Start
Construction End
$425-$450 million
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The projected growth and development forecasts indicate that traffic volumes will continue to increase along the corridor. Traditional Federal and State funds are not sufficient to provide this needed congestion relief, therefore tolled express lanes are considered to be the most feasible solution. Tolled express lanes are proven to offer time savings in all lanes, and provide an alternative choice for commuters traveling through an area with prolonged traffic congestion during peak hour travel times.  Additionally, tolled express lanes are designed to improve travel time reliability, improve operational performance, promote ridesharing, and reduce pollution in the region. The Riverside County Transportation Commission, in cooperation with the California Department of Transportation District 8, is proposing this project to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion on this portion of the Interstate 15. All proposed improvements are anticipated to be constructed within the existing right of way, with the majority of the improvements occurring within the existing I-15 median.

  • Project cost has an estimated cost range of $425-$450 million
  • The project is currently in the environmental phase; it is expected that the environmental phase will be completed in the Fall 2015
  • Project construction is anticipated to begin in 2018
  • Tolled express lanes are expected to be open to traffic in 2020
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15/91 Interchange (see SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project)

  • Add a tolled express lane connector from eastbound SR-91 to southbound I-15 continuing as a southbound express lane in the median of I-15 terminating south of Magnolia Avenue interchange
  • Add a northbound tolled express lane in the median of I-15 from south of the Magnolia Avenue interchange and continuing northbound as a tolled express lane connector to westbound SR-91
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