I-15 Railroad Canyon Road and Franklin Street Interchange Project

Project Status:  Environmental Phase

Overview:  RCTC, in partnership with Caltrans and the city of Lake Elsinore, is managing the environmental studies for the Railroad Canyon Road and I-15 Interchange project for the city of Lake Elsinore.

Lead Agency for CEQA & NEPA:  California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)

Local Agency Lead & Sponsor: City of Lake Elsinore

The Public Notice for a Public Information Meeting and Initial Study/ [with Proposed Mitigated Declaration] Environmental Assessment (IS/EA) is available for review on the city of Lake Elsinore web page:


  • Do you have any comments about processing the project with a Negative Declaration and IS/EA?
  • Do you disagree with the findings of our study as set forth in the Draft IS/EA?
  • Would you care to make any other comments on the project?

Please submit your comments in writing no later than 5 pm, February 13, 2017 to:

Marie Petry, California Department of Transportation,

District 8, Division of Environmental Planning

464 W. Fourth St., Mail Station 821,

San Bernardino, CA 92401


via e‐mail to -  Email comments, shall include “I‐15 Railroad Canyon Road” in the subject line.

The comment period began on January 12, 2017.

 Four Alternatives are under consideration.

Alternative 1 - No Build

Alternative 2 - Hook Ramps @ Grape Street

Alternative 3 - Hook Ramps at Grape Street and Casino Drive

Alternative 4 - Reconstruct existing intersections on Railroad Canyon Road between Lakeshore Drive-Mission Trail and Summerhill Drive-Grape Street to roundabouts (yield control).

All proposed Build alternatives also proposes to construct a new Interchange @ New Franklin Street located about 1,160 ft. north of existing Franklin Street. The Build Alternatives range in cost from $97.4 million to $112.4 million - depending on build alternative selected.