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Toll Program Organization Background

In 2006, the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) began developing tolled express lane facilities to improve mobility by providing solo drivers a choice to pay for congestion-free travel, and carpoolers free-flow speeds in the carpool lanes.  In addition to the drivers' travel benefits, the development of these express lane facilities provides RCTC with a significant, long term funding source (tolls) to pay for the development, construction, maintenance, and operations of these toll projects.  The decision to become a tolling agency has and will continue to change RCTC by expanding our mobility mission for decades to come.

The first project is planned to improve the State Route 91 freeway in the Corona area.  The 91 in Riverside County ranks among the nation's worst commutes.  Stop-and-go traffic is the norm, especially during morning and late afternoon rush hours.  In fact, traffic congestion on eastbound 91 between Anaheim and Corona is routinely among the worst five areas in the nation.

Good news is on the way for drivers, thanks to the 91 Project.  Led by RCTC, the project will add regular lanes, tolled express lanes, auxiliary lanes, and direct express lane connectors from the northbound 15 to the westbound 91 and from the eastbound 91 to the southbound 15. Improvements to interchanges, ramps, and surface streets will also be made along the 91 corridor.  These improvements will reduce delays, allow faster emergency response, relieve local street congestion, and offer better access to public transit and trails.  The 91 Project is now under construction and is scheduled to open all lanes and be operational in 2017.

Additonal information about the 91 Project is available at: http://sr91project.info/.

A second project is currently under development and is planned to improve the I-15 freeway in northern Riverside County.  The Project will construct one to two tolled express lanes in each direction between the I-15/Cajalco Road interchange in Corona and the I-15/SR-60 interchange just south of the Riverside/San Bernardino County line - approximately 14 miles.  The tolled express lanes will be constructed in the existing I-15 freeway median and are planned to open in 2020.  Proposed roadway improvements are anticipated to be constructed entirely within existing Caltrans freeway right of way with the majority of the improvements occurring within the existing
I-15 median.

Additional information about the I-15 Express Lanes Project is available at: http://i15project.info/.

Both of these projects will be designed and constructed under the design-build method of project delivery where a single contract for final design and construction is awarded which allows for completing construction and opening lanes sooner than more traditional methods of project delivery. When both projects are completed, RCTC will be responsible to operate and maintain over 70 lane-miles of tolled express lanes, manage customer accounts, and provide freeway service patrol in the express lanes.