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RCTC has conducted a Strategic Assessment of Riverside County's transportation needs today and for the future.  This countywide strategic review began in May 2015 and was completed in January 2016.  The process included extensive public input and technical analysis.  The results of the Strategic Assessment, as approved by the Commission, are found on this page.

Over 200 citizens participated in RCTC’s Transportation Summits around Riverside County.  At each Summit, residents shared their vision for our transportation future in a collaborative dialogue.  The facilitated Summits provided residents with a voice and put forward their most creative solutions to our region’s mobility challenges. 

The results of the public’s feedback were integrated with data regarding the county’s future growth and funding expected to be available.  The following diagram illustrates how the Strategic Assessment strives to give the Commission a realistic yet ambitious path forward to address Riverside County’s many transportation needs.

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The Strategic Assessment is only the beginning of an effort by RCTC to engage the public and plan for the future of Riverside County.  Please stay tuned as the Commission implements the recommendations of the Strategic Assessment.  If you have questions regarding the Strategic Assessment and next steps, please feel free to contact Aaron Hake, Government Relations Manager, at (951) 787-7141 or 

Thank you for your participation and interest in Riverside County’s transportation future!

RCTC Strategic Assessment Key Documents