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RCTC is the agency charged with recommending projects that will be federally funded under the Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Community Strategies (RTP/SCS). The RTP/SCS identifies strategies to meet mobility of all modes, legislative, financial and air quality requirements in the six county area of Southern California and is overseen by the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG). Updated every four years, the current RTP/SCS was adopted in April 2012 and will be updated again in June 2016.

RCTC’s role in the development of the RTP/SCS is to identify long range transportation improvement projects beyond those already programmed in the six-year federal funding plan. RCTC coordinates the input provided to SCAG with local agencies in order to ensure consistency with city and county transportation plans and projects.

Regional Planning Projects

In addition, RCTC plans for transportation needs on a regional basis. Riverside County is unique in having led the way nationally with an integrated planning process that not only updated the Riverside County General Plan, but also led to a plan for transportation needs that was coordinated with both future development and environmental preservation.

The Riverside County Integrated Project (RCIP) led to the establishment of a Multi-Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) to preserve open space and protect sensitive species and a transportation plan, the Community Environmental Transportation Acceptability Process (CETAP), that identified the region’s priorities for new corridors.  While this effort was the first in the nation to be recognized by the federal government with an environmental streamlining pledge to process plans and documents for these corridors as a priority, the environmental approval process for transportation improvements remains a multi-year effort.