Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF)
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When voters approved the extension of Measure A in 2002, they also approved an innovative program for western Riverside County, the Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee or TUMF. Western Riverside County’s TUMF was patterned after a program by the same name in the Coachella Valley.

Under the TUMF, developers of residential, industrial, and commercial property pay a development fee to fund transportation projects that will be required as a result of the growth the projects create. The Western Riverside Council of Governments administers the TUMF.

The TUMF funds both local and regional arterial projects. Local area projects receive 48.1% of all funds and the funds are programmed in each of five “zones” proportionately to the fees paid. These zone projects are proposed by local jurisdictions.

In September 2004, the Commission established a five-year program and approved the programming of 23 regional arterial projects. To date, $100 million has been programmed for TUMF regional arterial projects. Due to fluctuating TUMF revenues over the past few years, $14.5 million in 2009 Measure A Western County Regional Arterial (MARA) funds and $25.5 million in TUMF CETAP funds were programmed on two projects to fulfill the TUMF commitment. Of the 23 TUMF regional arterial projects, 13 projects have completed construction, seven projects are currently under construction or in pre-construction, and three projects are in the development phase and remain to be programmed for future TUMF funds.

The TUMF is expected to create almost $3 billion in transportation projects for western Riverside County, with more than $1.4 billion programmed and implemented by RCTC.