Apply for Use of RCTC Property

Applicants requesting permission to enter, construct and/or maintain improvements on RCTC property must execute a written agreement prior to commencement of the project or use. RCTC grants License Agreements and Rights of Entry (ROE) only.

A License Agreement is required for longer term uses of RCTC property (construction of facilities, structures, crossings and other long term uses).

A ROE is required for all temporary uses of or temporary access to RCTC property (surveys, potholing and other short term uses). A separate request must be submitted for each entry.

Before a License or ROE can be issued, the applicant must submit a complete application for review and approval.

Complete application submission must include:

You may download a pdf of the entire Application Process by clicking here. You can also review the process online:

RCTC's review generally takes 12 weeks from the receipt of a complete application package. If the project or plans require revision, additional review time will be required after the plans are resubmitted. If railroad right of way is involved, a separate set of plans must be sent to SCRRA.  Click here for contact SCRRA contact information.  Plan requirements are provided in more detail in the Application Package section.

When the application has been approved, a License or ROE agreement will be drafted by RCTC, reviewed by RCTC's legal counsel and 4 copies will be sent to applicant for signature. Once the signed copies are received from the applicant, RCTC will sign the documents and send the applicant a fully executed agreement.

An annual fee for Licenses will be determined by RCTC based on the type, location, and area impacted by the project or use.

After the agreement has been fully executed, applicant will need to provide 5 days notice to the RCTC Property Agent prior to beginning construction. If operating railroad right of way is impacted, the SCRRA ROW Encroachments Coordinator must also be given 5 days notice.  Further inquiries may be directed to the Property Agent at 951-787-7141.