Periodically, property owned by the Riverside County Transportation Commission is identified to be surplus; having no future use for transportation purposes. After Noticing of Public Agencies, the property may then be offered for sale to the general public. Click here, for a list of available property.

RCTC also seeks developers as partners in developing rail station properties owned by RCTC. For more information on Joint development opportunities click here.

RCTC also acquires property for the construction of transportation projects. In these rare circumstances, RCTC contacts property owners that may be affected during the planning phases of any new project to make sure they are fully informed at each stage of the process. If the final approved project requires RCTC to acquire land from individual property owners, they are compensated at full market value for their property.

RCTC also has an application process for those who wish to enter, construct and/or maintain improvements on land that belongs to RCTC.