Freeway Service Patrol

The rush hour commute can be a challenge, even when there aren’t any accidents or closures. A stalled car by the side of the road can snarl traffic for hours.

When it’s you in that stalled car, your commute can turn into a nightmare.

Specially marked Freeway Service Patrol tow trucks patrol the entirety of Riverside County's SR-91, I-15 from the SR-60 south to Temescal Canyon Road, SR-60 from Milliken Street to Theodore Street, and I-215 from the I-215 south to the SR-74/4th Street interchange.

Freeway Service Patrol drivers will “jump start” your car if your battery is dead, refill your radiator and tape hoses, change a flat tire, or provide a gallon of gas if you run out. If they can’t get your car going, they will tow it off the freeway free of charge to a location approved by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). (The Freeway Service Patrol will also contact additional assistance for you by calling an auto club or towing service.)

The Freeway Service Patrol cannot tow you to a private repair facility or recommend other tow services or repair shops.

The Freeway Service Patrol operates weekdays except holidays, from 5:30 am to 8:30 am and 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm Monday through Friday. Friday afternoon service begins early and runs 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

The Freeway Service Patrol is funded by the State of California (Caltrans) and the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) in their role as the Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies. The CHP provides supervision over the program.

Special weekend FSP service provided on the SR-91 (Orange County line to I-15) is sponsored by the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee.

Be Safe

If you break down on the freeway, never cross freeway lanes to find assistance. Wait for the Freeway Service Patrol or the CHP to summon help.

How To Recognize the Freeway Service Patrol
All tow trucks are white and display the Freeway Service Patrol logo during service hours. The drivers wear blue uniforms and safety vests with the same logo. All Freeway Service Patrol drivers wear an identification badge on their shirts and are certified by the CHP.