Call Boxes
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If you drive along any of Riverside County's interstate freeways or state highways, you will see solar-powered Call Boxes throughout your trip. More than 650 miles of roadway are equipped with yellow Call Boxes that can summon assistance should you have a freeway emergency.

All you need to do is open the door of the Call Box, lift the receiver and press the large red button inside. The Call Box will connect you with an operator that will summon help for you as quickly as possible. Stay on the line, even if your call is not immediately answered. There is no need to hang up and try again. You will not have long to wait.

Call Boxes in Riverside County are funded through a $1 fee imposed on annual vehicle registrations.

Be Safe

Safety comes first. Never cross the freeway to reach a Call Box. Be sure your car is as far as possible on the shoulder. Exit the vehicle on the passenger side. Always look for a Call Box you can reach without crossing an on-ramp or an off-ramp.

Contact Us

If you will be performing work on a Riverside County highway and need a Call Box temporarily removed, fill out this Action Request Form