Commuter Programs
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Is your commute bumper to bumper?
Do fluctuating gas prices stretch your budget and your patience?
Is cleaner air important to you?
Do you feel guilty about global warming?

If getting to work is getting to you - RCTC has the answers.

Whether you prefer to carpool or vanpool, take commuter rail, try out the bus, walk, or bicycle, we’re in the business of helping you get out of your drive alone car and change your commute. Go online to IE511.org or call 1‑866‑RIDESHARE (743-3742).

We’ll assist you and also help you find out if you qualify for $2/day to try ridesharing, through the Rideshare Incentives program.

Already ridesharing? We’d like to reward you with a membership to Rideshare Plus Rewards, a commuter club that offers discounts nationwide.

Call 1‑866‑RIDESHARE (743-3742) to find a carpool or vanpool that will put you in the carpool lanes and cut the cost of your commute in half or more. We’ll also help you out with convenient Park and Ride lots to speed you and your rideshare partner on your way. Preferred parking at Metrolink stations is available through our Rideshare 2 Rails program if you carpool to the station.

Think you can’t rideshare because you won’t be able to get home if you have an emergency or have to work late?

Guaranteed Ride Home allows you to take a taxi or rental car home in the event of a valid personal emergency, such as an unexpected illness or unscheduled overtime.