Finance and Budget
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Finance activities include investing the Commission's cash resources, planning and directing financial transactions, and maintaining legal and regulatory requirements. Fiscal accountability involves receiving all funds due the Commission and payment of all Commission obligations, general ledger accounting, debt administration, regular reporting of the Commission's fiscal results, and budget preparation and monitoring.

RCTC's finance and accounting department prepares a number of financial documents including the Commission's Annual Budget and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report through a public process before the Commission. A number of policies and procedures are also adopted by the Commission that provide guidance regarding financial investment and purchasing processes. These documents are easily accessible on this page to assist the public in understanding RCTC's various policies and practices regarding the allocation and expenditure of funds.

If you have questions or would like more information regarding financial matters including the budget, financial reports and investments, feel free to submit your comments or call us at (951) 787-7141.