The Commission has 34 members and a small administrative staff that runs its programs and projects. Every city in the county holds a vote on the commission along with the five members of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. The Governor also appoints a non-voting member to the board who is the Director of Caltrans from the local District office.

The Commission’s responsibilities have grown in the 30 years since its inception from coordinating highway and transit planning and identifying projects for state and federal funding to responsibility for all aspects of regionwide planning for Riverside County’s mobility.

Committees of the Commission

Budget and Implementation
Eastern Riverside County Programs and Projects
Western Riverside County Programs and Projects
Executive Committee
Citizens Advisory Committee
Technical Advisory Committee

In addition, the Commission Chair or the Chairs of the policy committees have the authority to create ad hoc committees on specific issues. Ad hoc committees are legally required to be temporary and focused on a single issue and are not required to meet on a regular basis.

Items that come before the standing committees are discussion and a recommendation is forwarded to the Commission.