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Mobility affects everyone and RCTC is the agency we turn to in Riverside County for transportation solutions that support our quality of life and our region’s economy.

Getting to work and school or delivering goods and services may seem like simple daily activities but sometimes the routes we travel take decades of planning and hundreds of millions of dollars to implement. Since 1976, when RCTC was created by the state legislature, local voices have had an important and critical role in deciding our transportation future.

In 1988, RCTC proposed a half-cent sales tax for transportation, Measure A. When 78.9% of voters approved the 20-year plan, RCTC became the agency charged with making sure the mobility improvements voters wanted became a reality. In 2002, voters approved an extension of Measure A until 2039.

Today RCTC plans and implements transportation and transit improvements, assists local governments with money for local streets and roads, helps smooth the way for commuters and goods movement, and ensures that everyone has access to transportation.

RCTC is governed by a 34 member Commission that includes a mayor or council member from each of Riverside County’s cities, all five members of the Board of Supervisors, and a non-voting appointee of the Governor.

Today, in addition to Measure A revenues, RCTC also allocates state and federal transportation funds in Riverside County and plans and implements region-wide projects funded under the Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF), a fee paid by new development to mitigate new transportation demands caused by growth.

As a public agency, RCTC’s financial operations are fully disclosed, including financial practices and investment policies, which are reflected in its comprehensive financial documents including the fiscal year budget and annual financial report.